More software!

It's a long time since we first released Plupload, but it only recently got accepted into the core of Wordpress as their upload component, so now both TinyMCE and Plupload is contained within the normal install of Wordpress.



MoxieManager Success

Our MoxieManager product is a huge success, now with Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blog storage access support, and a ton of great features.

Check out the product on it's very own website, with demos and all.


Our name

We get a lot of questions regarding our name, so here are some short information about it.

The word "moxie" [MOX-ee] is english slang, and means (courtesy of dictionary.com): the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; aggressive energy; initiative / skill; know-how;

The word "code" refers to the development of software. Altogether, we feel that "Moxiecode" truly represents our way of working.

About Moxiecode


Need a software to manage files on your website? Already running TinyMCE? Check out MoxieManager for handling all your images and documents!





The best open soure WYSIWYG editor in the world, praised countless times, the only editor you ever need.





The all-in-one ultimate solution for handling file uploads! Use HTML5, Flash or plain old HTML4 for uploading files, whatever your browser support it will choose the best option.



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