We are joining Ephox: the start of something great

Today is the start of an exciting new chapter for writing on the web. Moxiecode, the company behind TinyMCE, is merging with Ephox. Ephox is an online editing software company based in the US and Australia with more than 150 enterprise and OEM customers. Read more about the merger from Andrew Roberts of Ephox.

Why are we joining with Ephox? Ephox has been a partner of ours for the last five years, providing TinyMCE enterprise offerings. Over the course of that partnership we had come to understand that both companies had a very similar vision of the future. While we have had various inquiries over the years to join forces with other companies, none of those companies shared our vision in the way Ephox does. In addition to the five years of experience with TinyMCE, we felt that Ephox’s 15 years of experience in creating online editors will be invaluable in helping us take TinyMCE to the next level.

What does this mean for TinyMCE? Having partnered with Ephox successfully, we’re looking forward to more fully utilizing the resources of our combined companies. By bringing Moxiecode and Ephox together, we will be able to deliver more features, increase support services and accelerate development of future releases of TinyMCE. Among many things, we’ve begun working on improving the documentation for TinyMCE.

What does this mean for Moxiecode customers? If you're one of our 19,000 paying customers of any of the Moxiecode products, including TinyMCE Enterprise, MoxieManager, and Plupload, everything will continue as before. In the coming months, we will be ramping up the Ephox support team and systems and working to improve our products even more.

What does this mean for our team? We are all staying on in the combined company, and we will be the beginnings of a new “Ephox Sweden” office based in Umeå. The combined company has more than 40 staff so we will gain additional resources in engineering and support that will enable us to build new features, new services and accelerate releases of TinyMCE.

For over ten years, TinyMCE has been at the forefront of WYSIWYG development. Today TinyMCE’s open-source community edition is downloaded over 400,000 times a month and is widely recognized as the top open-source WYSIWYG editor in the world.

The merger of TinyMCE and Ephox truly brings together two world-class development teams that will enable us to increase our day to day involvement in the open-source community.

Looking towards the future. We’ve been talking with the Ephox team since last year about bringing our companies together. Over the past couple months, we’ve been working closely with the Ephox team to ensure a smooth transition. We have many plans for innovative features that include a cloud delivery service and a mobile SDK that makes it possible to edit content on any device, anywhere.

To the open source community: Today’s announcement will give us even more opportunities to build new features, deliver updates and be more involved in the needs of the community. The success of the community will be the success of our company, and we remain 100% committed to our open-source heritage.

We appreciate your support and look forward to building more great things with and for the community.

To infinity and beyond,

Joakim and Johan “Spocke”